The Flickering Light

Adult/Young-Adult Fiction

Being an only child with eccentric parents in the 1950s makes life a challenge for Will Cassidy, but it is nothing compared to how difficult life gets when Penny, his two-year-old cousin, comes to live with his family.

Then, just when life returns to normal again, his relatives appear out of thin air to reclaim Penny and her father turns up dead in the trunk of his flashy new car.

It is many years before Will discovers the truth about the murder and who had a hand to play in it, but not before he can make amends and understand the past for what it was.

The Flickering Light tells the story about the strengths and the weaknesses of families, about how relationships ride parallel tracks for years then one day merge, how lost time can be recaptured, and how the truth can make up for what once was lost.

christina kilbourne the flickering light